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Pilates for all ages 

Pilates is suitable for all ages and we have clients of all ages who benefit from a Pilates workout.

Our older clients know from experience that a properly designed Pilates programme is one of the best ways to ward off the infirmities of advancing age. Indeed, many of our clients start doing Pilates precisely because they have reached ‘a certain age’.

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Pilates can help you lose your weight 

December 18, 2018 

Pilates helps you tone your muscles, especially around your midsection. This shapes your body and gives you a leaner appearance.

Pilates improve bladder control

December 18, 2018 

Did you know that the power of Pilates can benefit your pelvic floor muscles and in turn help with the Unexpected Leak? In Pilates, the pelvic floor muscles are a natural muscular support when doing abdominal and core exercises. With a stronger abdomen, comes a stronger pelvic floor which helps the muscles that control your bladder. But when those pelvic floor muscles weaken, incontinence can occur.

Pilates for back pain 

December 18, 2018 

The Pilates exercises are frequently recommended to help prevent and decrease back pain, including low back pain. They strengthen core support for the back, teach good alignment, and provide gentle stretches for tight back muscles.

Why Pilates for Golf is Essential to Better Course Play?

February 05, 2019 

Pilates works on stability, strength, and mobility. By working on strengthening the glutes and core, Pilates can help golfers increase distance with their swing. In working the deepest abdominal and back muscles, golfers are likely to be stronger and minimize pain and injury.

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